Friday, September 7, 2007

The Back-story on Pariah Tales

Pariah Tales is a 76-page paperback collection of ten short stories written by J.P. Lowe. Have you ever felt alone, either by choice or by circumstance? This book invites you to join the crowd in doing so. Why not treat yourself, or the reader(s) in your life, to a copy today?

Copyright © 2007 Jack Phillips Lowe
All rights reserved.

All situations & persons depicted in this book are strictly fictional.

Earlier versions of selected stories first
appeared in Barbaric Yawp, Big Toe Review,
Gold Dust Magazine
(U.K.), Hob-Nob, Internet Fiction (U.K.),
Open Wide (U.K.), Pens On Fire and Pulp & Dagger Fiction.
The author thanks the editors of these publications.

Published by Onzo Imprints.

Copies of Pariah Tales are
available for $3.00 USA (postpaid) each from:

J.P. Lowe
Box 39
Addison, IL 60101 USA

(checks/money orders payable to J.P. Lowe)

Critical Response to the Writings of J.P. Lowe

“This kid’s got a lot of energy.”

Mark Spitzer, Exquisite Corpse

“Mr. Lowe covers a lot of ground at a brisk pace, with craft.”

Phil Wagner, The Iconoclast

“Lowe tells stories with a plot and a point. His characters are real and his dialogue snappy. He makes you laugh, then cringe in suspense.”

John Berbrich, Barbaric Yawp

“To enter Lowe’s world is to submit to one entertaining story after another, each different and unique, yet all a delight.”

Laura Stamps, Chiron Review