Monday, June 10, 2019

Fresh New Poems 2019

I recently had some fresh-from-the-oven poems posted over at the wonderful Two Drops of Ink website.The link is here for your perusal. These are my first published poems of 2019; they ain't much, as the man said, but they're something. Either way, I hope you enjoy them and I appreciate your time. Much thanks, of course, to Marilyn and Scott at Two Drops of Ink.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Windy City Reviews on Flashbulb Danger

Ms. Elizabeth Melvin. a reviewer at the wonderful Windy City Reviews website, has posted her thoughts on Flashbulb DangerPLEASE CHECK IT OUT! Much thanks to Ms. Melvin and Mr. Dan Burns at Windy City Reviews.

Monday, August 13, 2018

First Review of Flashbulb Danger

The first review of my book, Flashbulb Danger, has been posted on Goodreads by an Australian blogger, James "The Caustic Critic." Take a look-see:

A generous, career-wide collection, Lowe's 'Flashbulb Danger' is as close as a poetry collection will come to a congenial, articulate, funny drunk friend in a bar regaling you with tall stories and unfortunate personal anecdotes.

Divided into three sections, by chronology, it moves from early earnestness to bittersweet later-life reflections, but retains throughout a consistent, unaffected voice. 
(Nice minimalist cover by Hannah Proffitt-Allee, too, which Goodreads does not yet have in its database.)

Link to James' Goodreads post

Monday, June 18, 2018

My New Book "Flashbulb Danger" is Available from Amazon Now!

*My new book, Flashbulb Danger: Selected Poems 1988-2018 (Middle Island Press), is available NOW from!

* This is a 3-decade career retrospective, my "greatest hits" if you will. 30 years of writing. That's a lot of typing, bud.

* The book also contains 26 new poems. It's not just vintage stuff. You know I wouldn't do you like that.

* The book also, also contains an in-depth author interview. Juicy backstories! (Maybe.)

* This is a 224-page perfect-bound paperback with original, full-color cover art. So it'll look good on your coffee table.

* Copies are available NOW from for $11.99 each. Please buy one.

* Then please buy another copy for a friend. Or Uncle Dullard. Or Cousin Minerva. Trust me, they'll appreciate it. Really!

Monday, December 18, 2017

"Flashbulb Danger" & Company on Two Drops of Ink!

Just in time for the holidaze, I have some FRESH POEMS posted on the wonderful Two Drops of Ink website. If you're not too tired from gift-wrapping, card-writing or caroling, please take a peek at them. Much appreciation to editor Marilyn Davis for this honor. Merry, merry, happy, happy to all!

Monday, November 13, 2017

"The Sky Cried" on Creativity Webzine

Three new poems of mine were included in the November 12, 2017 issue of the Creativity Webzine. The theme of the issue is rain/water. So if you're in the mood for a swim, be sure to dive in there.
(SCROLL DOWN; THEY ARE THERE!) I thank editor Charles Moulton for this privilege.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Fresh Poems of Mine in the Fall, 2017 Homestead Review!

I am honored to have three fresh poems of mine featured in the Fall, 2017 issue of Homestead Review, a literary magazine published by the Department of Language Arts at Hartnell College in Salinas, California. For this privilege, I sincerely thank editors Dr. Jennifer Lagier Fellguth and Marcia Garcia Teutsch. Have a look-see, won't you?