Wednesday, January 13, 2010

REVOLT AT THE INTERNET CAFE: New Poetry Chapbook Available Now!

*REVOLT AT THE INTERNET CAFE is a new poetry chapbook by Jack Phillips Lowe (author of So Much for Paradise, Long Form & Pariah Tales).

*REVOLT AT THE INTERNET CAFE is NOT available at the web shopping site named after a South American river.

*REVOLT AT THE INTERNET CAFE is NOT downloadable on any electronic reading device.

*REVOLT AT THE INTERNET CAFE CAN'T be e-mailed to your cell phone. However. . .

if you want to find out about Icarus' daughter, cobalt calmness, the geology of genealogy and the guy who kicked off a revolt simply by turning pages, you CAN do that. If. . .

you have a mailbox, three bucks, a comfy chair and a good reading lamp. Yeah, that's it---no fancy equipment required!

*REVOLT AT THE INTERNET CAFE (22 pages, paperback) is available NOW for $3.00 per copy (postpaid) from:

J.P. Lowe
P.O. Box 39
Addison, IL 60101 USA
(checks/money orders payable to J.P. Lowe)
*Want to piss off your tech-head friends? Order REVOLT AT THE INTERNET CAFE today!